Arkansas State University RHA
A Message from the RHA President:
Dear Students,

        First off let me thank you once again for visiting the AstateRHA website.  This website will be the main hub for the RHA program, and without you, the students, this website would be quite meaningless.  Now onto the main part of this message.  I am extremely glad to be the new RHA president, and with your help, Iíll do my best to lead RHA to be the best it can possibly become.  The main thing I ask of you is your input.  As RHA comes up with ideas for the campus, we need your opinions and ideas to help create something that will appeal to all students.  It is my hope that with this website, we can help create a better Astate.  I do not know of any other University in the nation that has such an input program that we of the AstateRHA are creating.  Even though we are just starting this input program and errors are likely to occur, we are still optimistic that student input will be high. 
        This is YOUR chance to provide direct input to a student run program.  Everyone will now have a direct link to provide their thoughts and ideas to the RHA program.  As president of the RHA program, it is my intention not to stand above you all and lead, but rather to stand side by side with each and everyone of you.  Without you my office would not exist, and I will always remember to keep that in mind.  It is my firm belief that this will start a new chapter in Astate history, and I would be honored to have each and everyone of you by my side as we lead this program into greatness.
Grant Morris
Residence Hall Association President