The ASU Guitar Orchestra was formed in Spring 2008 and performs regularly each semester. Much of the music we play is accessible to even beginning students so we welcome all to join and participate in a truly unique and exciting experience!!!

The members of the guitar orchestra include ASU guitar students, professors, and community students. Anyone who wishes to join the guitar orchestra should contact ASU professor, Dr. Timothy Crist (email). All members should have a nylon string guitar, be able to read music, and be taking classical guitar lessons with a member of the group. Lessons for university students may be arranged through the university for credit (see Dr. Crist about this as well).


Although the orchestra has the classical guitar as its core instrument, other types of guitars (electric, steel string acoustic) will be used as well as madolins, lutes, a theorbo, banjos, harp, and other plucked string instruments. We also welcome guest performers on other instruments as well.

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The only thing more beautiful than one guitar is two guitars.

                                      - Frederic Chopin

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