Tiffany Frazier











Pre Med Biology


Student Government Association Senator:  Minority Affairs Committee Chair and Action Fund Member, Black Student Association, Martin Luther King, Jr. Planning Committee, Habitat for Humanity, Resident Assistant for University Hall, and the Student Activity Board

What is the biggest problem facing students today?

I believe the steady increase in tuition is one of the biggest problems students at ASU are dealing with.  The library fee for next fall is definitely needed, but it should not have to come through tuition.  With the guidance of Jake Hampton and Courtney Rowe, SGA President and Vice President, the students plan to go to the legislature and ask for more funds.  There is also a 7% increase in tuition, mostly for teacher salaries.

What do you plan to get accomplished during the next school year?

I plan to help organize and co-sponsor programs and activities that are of interest to the student body, help increase minority participation, and to help stimulate an appreciation of the African American contributions to the US civilization.

What areas do you think need to be improved in NAACP?

Tiffany Crawford, NAACP President 2003-2004, did a phenomenal job.  I would just follow her leadership and develop new ways to get students motivated to join not only NAACP but also other minority organizations as well.  One area of improvement would have to be membership.  I feel that if programs and activities are developed that students enjoy, then more would participate and join campus organizations.