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    Greenfield Lecture: Passing Strange author Martha Sandweiss

    The 6th Annual Corinne Sternheimer Greenfield Lecture will be held on Monday, September 14, at 7:00 pm in the Fowler Center Drama Theatre.  This year, Dr. Martha A. Sandweiss, professor of history at Princeton University, will speak about her book Passing Strange: A Gilded Age Tale of Love and Deception Across the Color Line.  This carefully researched work is the story of a brilliant man who lived a double life, one as celebrated white explorer, geologist and writer Clarence King, and the other as black Pullman porter and steel worker James Todd.  According to Janet Maslin of The New York Times, “Passing Strange tells an astounding true story that would beggar most novelists' imaginations.” Following the lecture, there will be a reception and a book-signing by Dr. Sandweiss.

    School is back underway...

    We've got a brand new fall semester. The club has been struggling a bit the last year or so. After a fall flurry of activity, we slowed down considerably. As a result we're in a bit of dissarray. The good news is that we can always rebuild. Some important things have to happen in order for us to continue. We need officers: a president, vice president, and treasurer, to be specific. We also need a plan. Got one? Please send it on.

    The club isn't the only thing that got shaken up in the past year. Our department has seen quite a few changes as well. Our good friend, Professor Don Merrell has left us for the great wide world. Our fearless leader has also taken a semi/short leave of us. Dear Dr. Charles Carr, after more than 30 years of excellent service has stepped down as the chair of the English and Philosophy Department. He has also technically taken a leave for teh Fall 2009 semester. Given that he is still around teaching the Philosophy of Religion class, we might question whether, after working for so long, Dr. Carr still understands what a "leave" is. I, for one, won't cry about it. It just wouldn't be the same here without him. If you want to show your appreciation for Dr. Carr, his new office is 314 Wilson Hall. Drop by or drop him a line.