The ASU/SCI Student Chapter is a formal union of composers that help to promote the creation, performance, understanding and dissemination of original music composition. The Chapter welcomes all ASU students who either have an interest in composing music, or a desire to gain a deeper understanding of music and its architecture. We meet each semester and hold music composition workshops, presentations, and lectures. We also hold a summer camp for young composers, as well as annually bring a notable composer to the ASU campus for a masterclass and a performance of his or her works. Each year concludes with an organized concert of works by Chapter members.

The ASU/SCI Student Chapter was formed on November, 8th 2004 with founding members Timothy Miller, Paul Markowski, Carly Gorman, Match Shiono, Peter Bazzano, and faculty advisor Dr. Timothy Crist.

Information on our founding president, Timothy Miller, may be found here.


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