Indiana University composer, David Dzubay, came to campus March 15 and 16, 2006 to lecture, teach individual composition lessons, rehearse, and hear a concert of his music. We are really proud of this event because with the help of ASU Student Government Action Funds, and the Mid-America Arts Alliance Meet the Composer grant, we were able to pool funding to support the event entirely on our own, with no monetary assistance from the ASU Music Department.It was a great event for the Chapter but we were especially jubilant that the event reached outside the Chapter to music students and faculty performers.We were able to involve the Faculty Brass Quintet (including Robin Dauer and Neale Bartee), Ed Owen, Joe Bonner and Lauren Schack Clark, Rob Alley, Sherri Fincher and Grant Harbison, as well as members of the ASU Wind Ensemble.

During lectures, David Dzubay introduced us to his music and a few compositional techniques as well as some concepts of music form.

The highlight of the residency was after much struggle and concern, hearing Joe Bonner and Lauren Schack Clark take the stage and present a beautiful performance of Dzubay's Footprints for flute and piano. It was spectacular and had some of the audience members rising to their feet! Also on the concert were Dzubay's Brass Quintet, Solus Ib (A PREMIERE!), Pathways for three trumpets, and Ra!, performed by the ASU Wind Ensemble. All the performances were inspired and really a lot of fun to listen to. It was a great night in every respect.

For more on David Dzubay, please check out his website.

Thank you Dr. Dzubay for coming and thank you to Mid-America Arts Alliance for your contributions to this very worthwhile event!


















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