In November, 2004, Arkansas State University student composer, Timothy Miller persuaded other student composers to form the first ever Society of Composers, Inc. Chapter on the ASU campus. Tim grew up in Corning, Arkansas where he studied the saxophone and played guitar. He intially came to ASU to study guitar and play saxophone in the ASU ensembles, but after a couple years of study, opted to pursue music composition. Tim's love for music, his inner drive, and enthusiasm for new music performance allowed him to excel at his academic pursuits as a composer and leader.

Among Tim's many achievements include selection and performance of two original music compositions at the Society of Composers, Inc. 2003 Student Conference held in Miami, Florida where he was one of only three undergraduate students chosen nationally, and his very successful tenure as President of the Society of Composers, Inc. ASU Student Chapter.

While President in the Chapter, Tim showed innovative skill as he found many creative ways that provided service to the ASU Music Department and students. The ASU Music Department benefited greatly from his efforts as several guest composers, including Subotnick, Hindman, and Dzubay visited our campus to work with not only the composers but with instrumentalists and ensembles as well. Tim was also key in ASU’s hosting of the 2004 Society of Composers, Inc. Region VI Conference as he either performed or assisted in the performance of many of the works presented.

Always willing to lend a hand, Tim helped with the production of New Music recitals, rehearsals of ensembles, and recordings. Working with pianist, Dr. Lauren Schack Clark, Tim digitally edited a recording for release on compact disc. Tim was also chosen by the ASU Music Faculty to represent the Music Department as the "poster-child" in the University's Powering Minds campaign in the Spring of 2006.

Upon graduation, Tim received a Bomhard Fellowship, a $10,000 stipend!, from The University of Louisville where he will begin graduate studies in the Fall of 2006.

If there is one thing we will remember about Tim, it will be how much he cared about the present and future of new music production.       


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